"Working with Tracey was an incredible experience. She helped me process my emotions related to childlessness and limiting beliefs.
She explained her coaching process clearly and made sure I understood the techniques she would be using to support me on my healing journey.

During one of my sessions, Tracey facilitated a powerful forgiveness exercise that allowed me to let go of some past traumas that were holding me back. She created a safe and supportive space for me to explore my emotions, and I felt so comfortable being vulnerable with her. As a result of the exercise, I experienced a profound sense of healing and relief.

Tracey was always sensitive to my needs and checked in with me regularly, ensuring our sessions were focused on the issues that were most important to me. Her ability to hold space with compassion and understanding was truly remarkable.

I am so grateful for Tracey's guidance and support, and I would highly recommend her coaching services to anyone looking for a skilled and compassionate coach to help them navigate life's challenges."

-Sindy K.

"There are some people in my life that I feel like I was destined to meet.

Usually these people turn out to be part of a powerful change in my life; Tracey is certainly one of them.

Coming to benefit from Tracey’s vast healing abilities feels like I struck Gold.

As a therapist I know how important it is to make people feel seen and known.

I feel completely safe and cared for in Tracey’s presence.

I’m wildly impressed with her knowledge and even more so by her deep intuition.

I would recommend Tracey as a healer, a catalyst for beautiful and powerful change, to anyone."


"What can I say about Tracey…

OMG I love this woman… from the moment we started our sessions together I could just feel her love and support. She is always so patient, understanding and encouraging even when I’m erratic and just want to quit.

I can’t count the number of times when I would be so up in my head and just all over the place and she just keeps holding space for me and guiding me oh so effortlessly through the process.

Her intuitive skills are beyond incredible it’s like she’s in my head pulling out everything that needs to be said at just the right moment for those subtle ah ha moments that bring so much clarity and honestly a sense of peace.

Tracey continues to guide and encourage me down this winding road and with each road block she continues to support me with her loving touch.

I can’t even express how grateful I am for her as she has been such a tremendous stepping stone in my journey of healing my past so that I can step into my greatness and show up as the woman I’m meant to be."

-Candace Burkart, Saskatoon, SK

"I have worked with Tracey several times. Each time, I have been impressed by how she shows up with complete focus and amazing compassion and empathy for whatever the client is working through. The Breakthrough process with Tracey was impactful in ways that I couldn’t have predicted and quite literally enabled me to resolve trauma responses and release limiting decisions that I had been dealing with and carrying for most of my life. It isn’t possible to make a strong enough recommendation for working with Tracey to make impactful changes in your life."

- Faith Koltak, Denver, CO


"Tracey has supported me in many ways over the time that I have known her, both in times of physical and emotional need as well as in times of physical and emotional triumph. Her grounded demeanor and expertise has helped to comfort, strengthen, and guide me in the face of life’s challenges. I know through personal experience and talking with others that Tracey goes above and beyond to find ways to meet people where they are at and help put them on a path to healing through the healing arts that she practices".


“I highly recommend Tracey. She is an intuitive, kind and compassionate life coach. In just a few sessions she helped me identify my triggers and create new strategies to change lifelong habits.  Tracey's support has given me the confidence and belief that I needed to create the life I desire. I am forever grateful to her.”

- Laura Sterling, Calgary, Canada

"When Tracey first began treating me about a year and a half ago, I was struggling with an array of symptoms which western medicine wasn’t able to address successfully at all. These included; the recurrence of childhood migraines, chronic neck and shoulder pain, inflamed joints, chronic exhaustion, and perimenopausal hormonal chaos. I was fairly miserable and frightened to say the least.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have worked a more than minor miracle in my life. Tracey is the most sensitive and thoughtful diagnostician and practitioner I could have possibly imagined working with, and under her care I have been improving steadily for the past 18 months. She has quite literally helped me rebuild my health from the ground up.

Acupuncture was able to provide almost instantaneous relief from the worst of the chronic pain and headaches. Rebuilding all the systems in my body which were so stressed and exhausted that they were literally verging on collapse has, of course, taken a while longer, but the improvement has been wonderfully encouraging to experience very day. I couldn’t be more grateful for, and impressed with, the treatment I have received from Tracey.

The health issues I came in to Tracey with about a year ago have nearly dissipated. I came to Tracey with concerns that I hoped could be healed holistically. My sessions with Tracey have continued to open up areas in my body that feel blocked and help me to function in my daily life with more ease and vibrance than I even knew I had. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for her treatments and how she has guided me a towards path of wellness that I didn’t even know existed. Not only has acupuncture done wonders to my body, mind and spirit. But her wisdom is that of a true healer."


"Tracey is truly a gift from God. Tracey's superb diagnostic abilities, keenly intuitive sense of my ever evolving state, never ending optimism, combined with compassion, caring, and counsel rarely met in our times, resulted in a most profound and complete healing experience. This experience was on the deepest level of mind, body, and spirit. 

My life is forever changed for the better (actually, best !) as a result of working with Tracey. I have achieved a deeper and broader sense of overall wellness which I will carry forward throughout the rest of life." - Judith

"It is difficult to relay in a few sentences the ways in which acupuncture with Tracey helped me, because it helped me so extensively. I began sessions with Tracey mid way through my chemotherapy treatments. The difference was like night and day. 

She always took the time to sit and attentively listen to me when I had the strength to tell her all of my ailments. She put a great deal of effort into knowing exactly what I needed in each session, and adjusted the treatment to meet my needs. Invariably, after treatment I always had greater strength and energy. In fact, after seeing Tracey a few times, I actually drove myself to chemo, much to the shock and awe of my mother! I had an improved appetite and less nausea. The treatments also helped with pain and with depression. Additionally, 90% of chemo patients on the same regimen experience painful neuropathy in their hands and feet, I had almost no symptoms in that regard.

On my worst days, when I arrived at Tracey's office, I often broke into tears. She always guided me warmly into her office. I cried because I felt so relieved to be getting the treatment, knowing how much better I would feel afterwards. I always felt genuinely safe, cared for and supported while in her hands. I cannot imagine going through chemo without her.”


"It is difficult for me to try and find just the right words to express what I think of Tracey, she’s just that special.  Tracey’s skills as an acupuncturist and doctor of eastern medicine are without a doubt, exemplary.  She has the very unique ability to hone in on your energy and direct her healing beyond what may be obvious to her client.  I know this because I was blown away on more than one occasion by Tracey’s findings long before my medical doctor was able to isolate the cause of my illness. As important as her ability to treat you with medicine is her warmth, support, and genuine concern for your physical and emotional well being.  Tracey is able to balance a tight bond with her clients while maintaining her professionalism."

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