Being childless* isn't easy, and it's even harder to face alone. Fortunately, you're not alone.

*Not to be confused with being childfree

Peer Support

Childlessness can feel very isolating, but it can feel less so when you connect with others who have had a similar experience. You only have to register once to receive the recurring zoom link, and you don't have to turn your camera on or participate until you're ready. The calls takes place at 2PM EST (7PM BST) and 7pm EST every Wednesday beginning September 20th.

Reclaim YourSelf in the midst of childlessness: A Hybrid Course

I created this hybrid course to help other childless people take the next steps to move forward with their lives. We are forever changed by the experience of childlessness, but it doesn't mean we are destined to be unhappy forever. This course is not recommended until you have had time to grieve and have that grief validated in either a group, through individual coaching or both. Don't rush to move forward before you're ready, but when the time is right, this course is here for you.

The course incudes video lessons, assignments, guests who will lead us in creative ways of being with ourselves and our feelings, and live weekly group coaching calls where I utilize some of the techniques I use in my individual coaching work to help you move forward.

Individual Coaching and Hypnosis

Sometimes people need individualized attention when processing grief. This can be in addition to other forms of support, such as group programs, psychotherapy, or medicine.

My individual sessions are customized to the need of the client, so a connection call is recommended to see what is just right for you.

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