Is your grief starting to show through the cracks?

A new way to look at grief

Grief isn't something you get over. It's something you feel, honor, and bring with you wherever you go. It doesn't go away, but it can feel lighter with the right support.

Who Needs Grief Coaching?

Childlessness and Pregnancy Loss

Childlessness is very difficult, whether it is due to infertility or circumstance. Childlessness is different from being childfree, which is a conscious decision not to have children, and can bring with it its own grief. Society is very centered on the experience of traditional families with children, which can make navigating day to day situations challenging and painful for people who are not parents. Many people experience these challenges anew when people their age become grandparents.

Pregnancy loss is something that many people experience but that up until recently few people spoke about. It can be physically and emotionally hard on those going through it, and leave their partners feeling helpless.

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People Undergoing a Major Transition

Every new phase of life involves letting go while embracing the new. Any change in identity means we need to mourn our former identity. Sometimes we don’t feel ready to let go. Sometimes we are surprised that what feels like positive change is hard. Whether we are moving forward intentionally, or whether change is forced upon us, support makes it easier. 

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A Loss not Recognized by Society

Disenfranchised grief occurs when we experience a loss that is not generally recognized and validated by society. It can even cause the person experiencing it to question their feelings. 

Some examples of this include: the loss of a secret relationship, the loss or death of an abusive partner, the imprisonment of a loved one, the death of an ex, the death of an unrequited love, pregnancy loss, or childlessness.

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